Thursday, March 28, 2013


Final performance was held on March 8th 2013, 7pm, Glej Theatre/Ljubljana. It consisted of several pieces that were created as single scenes during the workshop. Stories were based on women's experiences, newspaper articles,  they were inspired by lectures, round table, discussion sessions and engaged drama excercises.

At the end of the perfomance, audience were invited to take part in the discussion, led and carried out by participating women, opening questions and sharing opinions on performance and the topic of political violence against women.

Women-Enculturation Scene, performed by (from left to right): Valerie, Hebe, Krisztina, Danijela 
(Photo: Nada Žgank)

Falling in Love Scene, performed by (from left to right): Stela & Hebe (Photo: Nada Žgank)

Harrasment Scene, performed by (from left to right): Stela, Magdalena, Danijela, Hebe, Valerie)
(Photo: Nada Žgank)

Jelica (photo: Nada Žgank)

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