Sunday, June 30, 2013


Taking into consideration, the effectiveness of the tool of Theatre of the Oppressed and Engaged Drama, the CSI and InGaDS Sri Lanka are jointly organizing a FIVE-DAYS WORKSHOP in Kandy, Sri Lanka on the second week of August 2013 (3rd-8th August 2013), in order to train a variety of participants to use these tools for curbing Gender Based Violence (GBV). With the support of theatre tools, we aim to stress this problem among broader audience, open its questions and disccuss with people not on general solutions but on solutions they proposed and that they believe could work in their community. 

The Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a social problem all around the world, which even develop feelings of fear and insecurity  in our everyday life, regardless of whether we are in the domestic or public spheres. The United Nations Development Fund for Women estimates that at least one of every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. In Sri Lanka, the rate of rape cases reported to the Police alone is six cases per day. This indicates the need for exploring better ways to communicate with the public on GBVAnd demands active engagmente of civic population against it.

Contact details:
Dr. Nishadi Sommaratne +94 71 7775835


Matteo Testino, Italy
have been involved to theatre from 2004 and attended a social theatre school in Florence, Italy from 2005-2008. During this period got the opportunity to work with many theatre directors, co-facilitate workshops and shows with actors in different abilities. Specialized in organizing trainings, workshops and performance for former prison mates, able and differently able children, migrants, refugees. 

Nena Mocnik, Slovenia
working as a junior researcher at Faculty of Social Sciences, focuses her studies and work on different discriminatory practices and conflict cultures, multiculturalism, social exclusion and political violence. She works as pedagogue in non-formal education since 2008, using different interactive approaches, especially educational theatre & engaged drama. She directed 3 performances and this year, becoming a D&F Academy fellow, she is developing an educational program for theatre-based learning against sexualized violence.

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